How To Massage Male G-Spot

The prostate's main purpose is to help in the manufacture of semen, however if it is stimulated properly, is capable of intense pleasures. The prostate is a part of the sexual response cycle in males, and is a key contributor to male orgasm.

Now, more and more men are interested in a prostate massage to promote prostate health and to stimulate the prostate to produce a prostate pleasure


Men who want to perform a prostate stimulation massage have commented that the results are much more powerful or intense than those via traditional intercourse or masturbation.

If done correctly the prostate milking or prostate stimulation can be extremely intense-up to 400% stronger and last up to 5 minutes. These intense stimulation from prostate milking are what makes the prostate milking for pleasurably for males. .

The Prostate Gland can be massaged in one of two ways, externally and internally. External and internal prostate massage have been utilized for centuries as part of holistic oriental health practices.

The external prostate massage is the massage you should begin each day with. External and internal massage can be highly arousing, without a moment of discomfort. In general, men use either an internal prostate massage or an external prostate massage for two very different reasons.

External Prostate Massage

The whole purpose of this external prostate massage is to bring some new fresh circulation to the area and keep it fresh and healthy. This short morning external prostate massage will actually help your blood move better through your prostate all throughout your day.

The internal, invasive, method is probably more effective than the external way; but this method does present some serious concerns for the majority of heterosexual men. For those men I would recommend the use of an external massage device where they just sit on the massage cradle and the bodily movements in combination with the massage cradle performs the therapeutic massage.

Most prostate massagers are invasive, but the Prostate Cradle is unique: Just sit on it. The Prostate Cradle External Massager, developed by Enviromax, based in Eagle River, Alaska, has been selling on the Internet since last March and the company is struggling to keep up with orders.

The Prostate Cradle is unique from all other massagers. The Prostate Cradle can act as a "trainer" to discover the entire perineum or male sensitive area.

With the cradle then positioned nearly vertically in place you can use whatever pressure suits you best. As a bonus, the Cradle can also be used as a natural alternative to prescription drugs to help stimulate, heighten, & prolong sensual adventures lasting indefinitely.

The "Cradle" has a fascinating ten year history: invented by a Certified Massage Therapist with guidance from medical doctors.

A myth that prostate massage needs to be invasive is shattered by thousands of our satisfied customers! The Cradle can be used as a compliment and an alternative to traditional invasive prostate massage. It is a safe, simple, high-tech apparatus for external prostate massage and it's been called "the greatest male sensual aid ever invented."

However, the tricky part is, in order to get the full benefit of the external prostate massage, it actually is easier if the man has experienced internal prostate massage first because then he can identify the feeling better.

Internal Prostate Massager

Although it is possible to perform prostate milking externally by stimulating the prostate gland through the perineum this is not always very successful and it is more usual for prostate milking to be carried out internally using a finger, a medical massager or a prostate massager.

Prostate massager devices are marketed for the sole purpose of assisting an individual with performing his own prostate massage and are commonly called prostate massagers. A prostate massager is an instrument used anally, designed to massage the prostate gland.

The Sonic Prostate Massager device is a portable vibrating massager designed for soothing of the prostate gland and rectal muscles by creating stimulating vibrations. Prostate massage greatly increases the blood flow into the prostate gland more effectively than any other prostate treatment in existence. It is the absolute #1 aid in prostate healing!

It is better than uncomfortable doctor visits. While you still must visit a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, nobody enjoys the process of going to see a doctor and have him put on the rubber gloves and administer prostate massages as a treatment. The non-awkward way, non-invasive alternative is a do it yourself way! Isnít that how men prefer to deal with their problems?

It is non-surgical! Sometimes surgery is the only way to relieve prostate pain and swelling, but letís not even let our body get to that phase. Preventative prostate care is the way to avoid hospitals!

It is more effective than exercises! We are not telling you not to work out or play sports, please do! However the 2-3 minutes of this ultimate prostate massage exercise is equal to hours spent at the gym. While sports help your entire muscle system, prostate massage focuses specifically on the problem area and doesnít require much of your time!

Here is what Sonic Prostate Massager will do for you:

1- Improve blood flow in affected muscles surrounding your prostate gland, anus and lower colon areas
2- Improve lymph fluid flow, which is responsible for cleansing of the blood in the affected areas
3- Stimulate nerve endings and improve erectile function as well as sexual performance
4- Strengthen and tones the prostate area muscles, which has lost its function due to age
5- Improve semen quality and flow
6- Strengthen bladder control, improve urination flow and relieve pain. Learn More Here